Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mosiacs' first raffle quilt winner

Congratulations Janet Adduci the winner of our first Mosaic quilt raffle. On Saturday March 7th at our monthly quilt group, we gathered around the raffle box and watched as Diana pulled out winning ticket. We were all nervous as Diana read the name on the ticket, Janet Adduci. It took almost a week to get a hold of Janet. She is one busy lady. After a couple of days of phone tag we were able to connect with Janet and let her know she had the winning raffle ticket. She was somewhat shocked and excited to find out that she was the winner of the beautiful purple, fuchsia, blue and lavender Pinwheel raffle quilt. Diana and I presented the quilt to Janet on Sunday March 15th 2009. Even as we handed over the quilt, Janet still seemed to be a bit surprised that she was in fact the winner of the raffle quilt.
Diana, my partner in crime on the right, Janet Adduci holding her new quilt, and that's me, Ruthann on the left. Thanks to the generosity of those who gave of their precious time to create such a beautiful quilt and those who purchased raffle tickets, the quilt raffle raised $585.00 for some precious families at Harvey Scott School.
Diana and I are so blessed to have been a part of something bigger than ourselves. Together we can make a difference in peoples lives, one quilt at a time.

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