Monday, February 9, 2009

Our First Mosaic Quilt

The pinwheel quilt in blues, fuchsia, purple and red. This started out as a quilt to show off the fabric from Diana's mothers stash, I gave her a stack of royal colors and she just took off. Diana cut out all of the fabric and placed each block in separate plastic bags. When we gather for quilting once a month, each quilter can grab a bag and all the pieces are in the bag and ready for construction. Diana and I together with Camie chose, cut, and pieced the sashing. Each of us had very definite ideas about color and how to use it; contrast it, or blend it. I love collaborating. Just look what comes from great minds working together. Camie, Diana, you Rock!
A huge Thank You to our very own Long arm quilter, Debbie Cottingham, without you our quilt would just be 3 layers of fabric.
This quilt took our group over a year to complete, however we learned at lot about ourselves and our quilters along the way. Not everyone who comes, comes to quilt, or wants to work on the community quilt... which is OK. Not all who come are quilters. We gather to together, to encourage one another.

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